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“Talon goes deep into the meaning and legend of the jewels and how they relate to the person who will wear them.” —Forbes

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“Not only do your necklaces make me feel more polished and put together, they mean something to me.” - Katie

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"I just discovered your jewelry today. Its heirloom style with an ancient soul vibe. Like artifacts from a history museum." Erin J.

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"I’m so glad I came across your brand! I love the pieces! And I especially love that they can easily be layered together without it looking odd." - Taylor G.

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"I gravitate towards my Talon pieces almost everyday. I love their design - but especially the deeper meaning and symbolism, and the thought that is layered into each one." Michelle B.

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“I received my Phoenix pendant necklace and it is absolutely beautiful. I feel like it is magic and that I have super powers when I wear it.”